Sunday, February 17, 2013

Elemental Aurora

Here is my contribution to Firefly Collectives stocking tonight!  Her name is Elemental Aurora and she is a full buckle OOAK Traditional (no headrest) Beetlebum in a standard size.  The wrap I used was a Lago Old Standart from Didymos with countless hours of ice-dye work done by me using Procion Dyes.

What you see here is a significant change to the Beetlebums waistband.  It now cinches down to a teeny 25" and the buckle rests over padding, making it much more comfortable!  I haven't changed anything with my design in years, so it is quite the occasion!  The new design is infinitely better than the old :).

Anyway, got lots to do, so must be off!  The Firefly Collective stocking will start at 8pm tonight, Elemental Aurora will be listed as a lottery (enter to win to purchase much like to give everyone a fair go.  As she is being listed elsewhere, this carrier is available worldwide!

Good luck tonight, and be sure to go look around at what the Firefly artisans have to offer!

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