Thursday, February 14, 2013

the Beetlebums Ring Sling!

You do know that I launched my Ring Slings last year.  The shoulder is a personal *ah-ha* moment for me - you can see more information here.

It isn't only the shoulder that rocks my world, the top stitching and label placement rock too :P.  The label is placed at the center of the shoulder so you know exactly where to place the Ring Sling on, over either shoulder.  The label should be at the edge of your shoulder, with both rails (edges) cupping your shoulder for ultimate support.

Once again I am seeing 'similar' adaptations to my unique design, and I cannot stress enough that the original is always the best.  Don't you know it!

You can buy Beetlebums Ring Slings at Finely Woven, and through my store when they are available.  I do announce on my Facebook page and here on my blog when I have items ready for sale, so keep an eye out! I am having problems with my mailing list, so please bear with me while I start up a new one :D.

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