Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A teaser for a lovely swappee!

I have been lucky enough to make this (and quite a few more) beauty for a TBW mama in Canada, in return for two beautiful Moshi Baby carriers. :). Im so excited and only have a couple more to make in the midst of all else (and my impending Nurture stocking... get your butt into gear MEL!!). Most of all, I hope hope hope she loves it - its a little scary making something so personal for someone you've only met online, and only briefly! We have the same taste in fabrics so fingers crossed. (And if you dont like it - just tell me mama!)

And the delightful Mr T's first taste of real mush :). He is NOT A FAN OF STUPID BABY RICE MUCK. So the menu has changed. Bless his cotton socks!!

Finally a picture that pretty much sums up childhood joy to me. Miss L bearhugging her 'Aboy'. I just wanna give her a big bearhug now (but I wont, she is sleeping soooooo blissfully)

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