Friday, June 27, 2008

My beautiful Miss Lola turned THREE!!

Here are the girls in their wonderful tutus made by my beautiful friend Belinda. Miss Lola at the front and Miss Ayla and Miss Rhiannon. It just makes me bust with gushiness looking at this picture - they really are too funny!

Miss Lola opening her keyboard (or 'piarno). I remember actually getting a toy piano for my birthday (I think it was my third?) and have a photo not entirely unlike this one of me!

Blowing out the candles on the cake - Miss Lola is still learning how to do it - its not like she gets the opportunity every day!

And here is Sir Taj and his ladyfriend Savannah with her wondermama Kate :). Lola is besotted with Savannahs' big sister, Chloe - her 'bewtifool fwend'

And finally Miss Lola with her first sparkler :).

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rainbowdreams said...

happy hippy hoppy birthday Miss Lola!

three is a really cool number to be!