Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My new logo!!!

You like it?!! I love love love it :).

Ive been working really really hard on getting the last of my custom orders on their way to their homes. 'B', yours will be fluffing its way to you tomorrow (and the postbag is HUGE!!). I will be opening up a couple of custom slots in the next week or two, once I catch my breath again.

I will always post stocking information here and send out a newsletter to all on the Beetlebums mailing list - if you would like to be included just email me here - beetlebumbebe@yahoo.com and say 'Add me!' in the header.

Anyway, you like my logo?


beeware said...

Love the logo...and looking out for the postie! Can't wait :)

claire said...

I love the new logo... well done!

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new logo Mel Congrats!!!

sue said...

I LOVE your new logo - it rocks my love :D