Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I thought that I had made the coolest nappy ever (well, that I've made anyway!) - you know, les senorita? Well... the nappy I made tonight might top it...

No pics yet. It completes a special trade that will ship express tomorrow.

Then I may reveal :D


All this talk of an awesome trade really needs some sort of visual affirmation

Awesome wickedness from our wonderful Megsie at Pint. I can not get Tajs' shirt dry fast enough to get it back on him (they grow so fast!). My little spoonman (he walks now, but has been crawling with cooking utensils in his hands - spatula, spoon... whisk!) looks amazing in his Pint teeHere is Mr T and Lil Miss Lola on Tajs' first birthday :). They make my guts bust!!!!

I personally think he might be a Jamie Oliver in the making :D *bliss*

Miss Lola is loving Lena (her new Pixie) so much - she sleeps on her left side, just under her leaf that hangs at the end of her bed :).

Thankyou Miss Megsie!!!


The Wild Child said...

show me, show me, you tease!

megsie said...

no no show me!!!!!! lol. Ohhhh the excitment Mel. Gosh I won't be sleeping until it arrives.

Lovely lovely praise Mel. thankyou. i'm totally humbled. Hope little Taj gets lots of wear from the tee, doesn't look like he'll be in it long! What a big boy!

Mama Mel said...

HA! You will have to wait my lovely!!

Im hoping it will be there tomorrow, so you will just have one sleepless night ROFL :D

I am seriously in love with our special Pintaliciousness :D. Mwah!

Kate said...

Oh you are a tease Mel can't wait to see your cool creation :) Love that photo of Taj and Lola btw soooo cute

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Waiting impatiently here too. Gorgeous goodies from Megsie there :)