Saturday, January 10, 2009

A special carrier for a wonderful friend

I started this carrier a couple of weeks ago and sneakily told her about it. Well, didnt tell her it was hers!!! I finally finished it today before our breakfast mama date. This was hard to hand over - I love this print so much!!!!

Without further ado -
Lucky Girl

the feature stitching on the shoulder straps (freehand)

Betty doing what she does best - modeling carriers!!!

And finally a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous couple :)



Mel said...

Have I mentioned how in love I am yet? I have? Oh. Well what the heck, I'll say it again!

I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much gorgeous!

Mama Mel said...

YAY!!! Tis a pleasure my lovely!!!

Krissy said...

Oh that is truly a gorgeous carrier . . the embellishments are fabulous!!

Lucky mama!!

Kate said...

So So gorgeous. :D Mel is totally lucky *envy*