Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ok! So the preorders are just about packed ready to go tomorrow! I know I ran behind and all I can do is say SORRY!!!! :(. I really am :(.

Anyway, once these are out the door I will be putting up more pre-orders. Every month I will list at least 10 pre-order minky pockets, and will announce when I list them here and to my mailing list (email me at with 'Add me' in the header).

Ive got a small backlog to get through, but will be back with the nappy tower photo!!!

Oh, how could I forget?! Look at our new little boy!

Introducing - Franz!!! Isnt he awesome?


Lesley said...

Couldn't resist huh? He is gorgeous!!!!

Mama Mel said...

No, resistance was futile!! I was just lucky that he was still there waiting for us!!!

Tam said...

He's just perfect Mel!!

Tracy said...

He's beautiful and how happy does Lola look all curled up in a box like a cat too.

I love him in the carrier I used to take my cat shopping in my back pack at Uni - Oh I miss him - sigh