Friday, May 15, 2009

pincushion and Miss Lola makes a decision!!

I made this pincushion, using the incredibly clever Heather Bailey ALL OVER (the tutorial, her fabric...) as part of our Nappycino Sew-a-long pincushion project :).

I hope you like it!

And finally, Miss Lola declared today that she wants to be a 'flower giver' when she grows up. I said 'Oh you mean a florist' and she said 'NO! A flower seller'.


Here is her lil posy that she made taking centre stage on our dining table :D

ETA - didnt want to say but yes, with a little staging....


Suzanne said...

Looks lovely, well done Mel :) Its nice making something for yourself every now and then isnt it ;)

Zan said...

Oh that pin cushion is so cute!