Friday, May 15, 2009

An update :)

Hi Beetlefolk :), just a quick update on the pre-ordered pocket nappy status. They should be out on Monday, Im just awaiting some more Bamboo for boosters and sewing the last couple. I hope that this is ok, I just misjudged how much Bamboo I actually had here on hand :(.

This weekend will see me doing alot more sewing of course, getting the preorders finished, along with finishing a very special carrier for an awesome mama :). Im really excited about this one - I dont know if it is possible to make a girlier carrier!

ETA - all of the Inside Outs went out on Wednesday, bar a couple - so they should be in their new homes very soon!


Beanie said...

That doesn't sound good Mel. Thinking of you :(

Lesley said...

Not good :( I hope it resolves itself quickly. And I'm hearing you on the bamboo

joanne19792001 said...

(((((Hugs)))) Hope whatever is going on gets resolved. Can't wait to see pics of the special girly carrier you are making :0)