Thursday, September 3, 2009

Elke Full Buckle SSC


I've put Elke's hood inside the carrier here (she doesn't have a tuckable hood), to showcase the stunning Melrose Blossoms print. Elke is a standard size full buckle carrier, made with the beautiful Latte Pebble Canvas to co-ordinate.

And here she is, hood out, showcasing her blossom appliqué on the hood.

Melrose Blossoms is devastatingly out of print and impossible to find. This is the only portion of Melrose Blossoms that I have in this colourway, making Elke a true OOAK. I love this print so much, the colours are perfect to me, I hope you like it too!


berniebabe said...

I can so see myself wearing that one :-)

Mel said...

Just stunning Mel!