Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let the

randomness begin!!!!

Inside Out Random stockings today!!

*disclaimer - please dont waste your entire day refreshing, there isnt going to be a massive motherload of Inside Outs, I am making them all today, and listing them as I go. Please don't ask what time Im stocking, please dont get peeved because you have chosen to refresh all day. Its nice outside - take a chance on it and enjoy the day!!!!

ETA - There are three WIP carriers that I will stock tonight at 6pm!! If they arent completed they will take an extra week to ship :). Pictures up by midday today :)


LisaMaree82 said...

Oooh how exciting Mel, can't wait to see the new carriers, you are amazing. Now just to work out how to snag one at 6pm!

Not that I we couldn't use one of your perfect nappies ;)

curiouser said...

Am so excited!!!!!