Sunday, July 3, 2011

Koko - The Fireworks Child

This carrier has a story, not a long one - but one that makes me smile at how cool it is!

I don't know how, but somehow I found out about a lady who really (like, really really) wanted a carrier - she had tried at every stocking for a long long time, and then gave up. I felt really sad - I felt touched that she had tried for so long, and just thought that there should be more joy in the world.. So I contacted her and said 'Hey, I will make you a carrier' and she said 'Yes' (ok, she said more than that but you get the gist.)

Fast forward, fabric selected, and today I decide to go for it - I was going to finish this carrier in amongst all else that was going on.

We chatted during the day, and she asked me what her carriers name was.. And instantly, I thought of fireworks.. But you cant call a baby carrier Fireworks, can you?? (Well, I did have a friend once long ago who wanted to call his first-born Stairwell... hmmm interesting hey? What a freakster!)

So, trusty Google comes to my aid, and I type in 'Fireworks, name, child' and a link comes up to something pretty amazing.

Take note of today's date. It is the 3rd of July.

Koko, a famous (and controversial) Gorilla was born on the 4th of July in 1971. She was named this as it translates to 'Fireworks Child'.

Tomorrow is Kokos birthday (although she isn't around any more) - and tomorrow is the day that Koko, the Beetlebum Baby Carrier - the Firework Child - flies off to her new home.

Oh I love how our universe works!

I really do hope that the family that receive Koko love and adore the moments that it gives them!!

Ice-cream for me!!


berniebabe said...

You would not believe how much I wish this was mine. Perfect work Mel :D And dibs if you sell it lucky mama (hehehe gotta try hey?!)

Esther said...

Wow, Mel, what an amazing story!!! The receiving mama so deserves this and I know she'll love it to bits :)

E xx