Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Bestie

I just have to say right now - I have friends then I have my core friends - they have my back and I have theirs. One of my very best is just the most amazing woman alive. She is so calm, thoughtful, kind, real and generous to a fault. I only wish I could be half the mother she is, and half as tidy and organized!

I went to visit her in Brisbane last week (I think? Was it last week? Or the week before!?) and she handed over to me a bag FULL of wraps - she had collected them! Anyway, I happily took them of course :P. I asked her which one she wanted to Restyle for her and she said that she couldn't make up her mind...

Symphuo......... and............. Night Rainbow

So I said that I would just make both and she could choose... and I would stock the other in the stocking.

All I can say is that right now, I am glad I am not her. Even though I would love to be half as organised as her.. and tidy to boot! But, what a choice! She asked if she could sleep on it... I said 'ok'

What would you choose?


Esther said...

Funny, Mel. I have a Symphuo wrap myself and LOVE it! But if I had to choose between those two BBs, I'd go for the Night Rainbow :)
Your bestie is very lucky!

And you're an amazing wrap conversion artist!

violetspice said...

Man that is a TOUGH choice!!

I love both those wraps, but I think in this case, the Symphuo looks better converted.
(PS I have a NR on the way).

violetspice said...

That is a TOUGH choice!
I love both those wraps, but in this case, I like the Symphuo better.
(PS I have a NR on the way)