Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saltillo Wrap Restyle and Lucinda

I have mentioned before that I love Girasol Baby Wraps!! This Wrap Restyle is a Girasol Saltillo - a new design in the Girasol Standard line.

I love the colours, its a fab combo and I reckon Saltillo rocks a Beetlebums Restyle!

Saltillo features Beetlebums Wing Straps - long straps that you tie with just the right amount of padding. The outer edge of the strap 'wings it' over your shoulder when you want your strap to cup, or you can simply tuck it underneath for a more streamlined strap.

The waist is the standard straight three piece Beetlebum waistband.

And for the darker types - Lucinda. The fabrics are by the amazing Jane Sassaman and I love the combination. On black canvas, this is a standard sized Beetlebum.

Spooky spider just chilling out on the side there..

Im *still* not ready to announce the stocking date yet but let me just say - it is going to be big!

I hope you love Saltillo and Lucinda!

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