Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love - for a very special duo

Well, this carrier was supposed to be a surprise.... but I missed her birthday and some!!!

I have been blessed with so much. There is a particular lady who has no idea how she blessed me. Her story and her journey is so inspirational, and I feel absolutely honoured that she has shared it . She doesn't know how she has changed my outlook, she doesn't know how she has changed my thoughts, challenged me, and made me look within to ask myself some big questions.

The answer to all of those questions of course was simply, 'Love'. It didn't matter what the question was - I finally understand.

Her little lady is growing up so fast, and she has lots of needs - her mama really hasn't been able to be spoiled in any other way but with love. So I made her Love to send her way, as a thank you for all she has done for me.

Thankyou K and little B - you are both astounding in your beauty. You guys know what life is all about.

Its about love.

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planetanna said...

What a beautiful carrier and what a beautiful sentiment. I know K and the lovely little Miss B will treasure it!