Sunday, August 14, 2011

To Thailand!

Another of my beautiful friends is off to Thailand soon with her crew - her boy is quite big now and.. well... she needed a new carrier of course!!!

This is a reversible Half Buckle Beetlebum with a solarveil panel, it will be fabbo for the hot hot balmy heat over there. On Bamboo Denim - I have mentioned how much I love Bamboo Denim, haven't I??!

This is the 'Papa' side - and it suits her husband well :). They have been so busy with the year that has passed, so much has happened. They are such a beautiful family, always smiling and laughing. When we chat I love to hear the rough and tumble of the children playing freely in the background. Beyond perfect!

Apart from being incredibly jealous of their impending trip, I am excited for her to get her special fluffy. I just love my friends SEW much! Love you S!!!!

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