Monday, November 23, 2009

Beetle Update!

Just a quick update...

Preorders are leaving daily now, and will be out by the end of the week.

Those who I have favors owing (you know who you are ;)) to, these are all being worked on and should be out by next Monday.

I have been experiencing some difficulties, and extreme exhaustion is part of this. Geez anyone would think I was 27 or so weeks pregnant! hahhaha

Also, just a little bynote - it will never be 'ok' for anyone to adapt their pattern to be more like a certain design of mine. That design is what MAKES MY NAPPY UNIQUE and nope, no matter how much time passes - it will never ever be 'ok'. The current 'trend' is NOT my construction technique, and if one considers it in their right mind they would understand that. If it is used, it is copying. Flat out. Im shocked, exasperated, exhausted and beyond gobsmacked right now, seriously - fair is fair.

See, to me, a custom nappy is a custom made only from my tried and tested design - NOT what another WAHM has worked hard to create. I would never ever resort to plagarising another WAHM for the sake of a custom.

Get high on your own supply. Please!


fairystar32 said...

Sending you hugs my friend :-(


Rose.W. said...

I hope you are feeling on top soon Mel. Take care of you and bubs first.. I am sure everyone understands what it's like to be mum, business woman and mum to be. To the person copying your design... Boo to them... the cheek of some people. Take Care hun xoxo

abbs said...

Totally sucky, I really feel for you and other WAHM's that this happens to, try to relax and put your feet up. Nothing could come even close to your awesome nappies.


Alysha said...

Huggles xx

Lesley said...

You know my thoughts Mel - massive mega hugs - and karma baby karma!

Luvs ya heaps.!

jodes07 said...

That's really crappy, I'm sure they will never even come close to your beautiful nappies anyways!
Definitely put your feet up, it's far too hot at the moment to be getting stressed!

Deanne said...

Your the one and only, and we all know that no matter what anyone else does, and we will support you. Nothing compares to you Beetlebums!