Monday, November 30, 2009

Another week passes

Another week passes and yep I did do a sneaky lil stocking on the weekend just passed :). I am working on carriers now, and a couple of special favors that I still have owing to some dear friends (a couple of which are WAY overdue *eek Ms E*) so I cannot say when I will be stocking again for certain. I am not running to a calendar at the moment, mainly because Im tired and needing to spend alot of time on the next step that Beetlebums is taking.

That and I have a quilt to finish for Miss Lola!

However, please do not fear there will be more coming, I just will not 'commit' myself to dates IYKWIM :). Could be tomorrow, could be next month, could be next week. Im just going with the flow :).

Pregnancy is growing fine, baby is kicking and we still do not know if we have a pink or blue bundle coming - gotta love surprises huh!? Im super excited, I keep saying that this is our last baby so I am trying to enjoy myself and take care of my body as best as I can.


Sarah said...

I did the same tried to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I could cause it would be my last....oh and I did I would love just one more..LOL. Good on you guys for keeping it a surprise! YAY!

Trudy said...

Babes in tummies kicking? cluck cluck. If Leigh consents to just one more (I'm working on it) I'll be doing just the same to try and enjoy it and marvel at the miracle of it all. I feel all warm and fuzzy for you Mel :0)

Tracy said...

It's such special time. I love the feeling of my baby moving inside me, so reassuring. Enjoy it, it goes so quickly.

curiouser said...

ooh glad all is going well. very excited about the carrier stocking :)