Monday, November 2, 2009

Now I've finished the last lot...

Well, now that I've finished the last lot of pre-orders, the next lot are ready to go. There are a few conditions with this one - please read below

This Large pocket nappy pre-order is strictly limited to two per customer, and immediate payment via Direct Deposit is expected. Please email through payment confirmation within two hours of checking your pre-orders out to avoid automatic cancellation. Automatic cancellation will occur without notice if payment confirmation is not received. The choice you have is boy/girl/unisex. The colours of the nappies will be determined by me, although if you have a very specific aversion to any colour please send a email via the contact option and state your order number and the colour you DONT want.

Im going to be activating it in about 1/2 hour (about 10.40) and then I will be leaving for a week away. I will not be able to be contacted during this time so please, just be patient!

Anyway, off to pack some swimmers!!!

ETA - I have tried and tried to send out a newsletter with this announcement in it but Yahoo has decided that I am suspicious and wont let me do it. I will be creating a Bravenet account when I get back and will ask for folk to resubscribe then. It will be announced on my blog :)

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