Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And her name is Olive

Hmmm, what could be in this box?

Oh wow, they are delightful books - I wonder what they are for?
Oh! They are for my new (to me) Necchi Supernova Automatica!!

Ever since I bought 'Weekend Sewing' two years ago, I have lusted after Necchi sewing machines.

I started looking for one and of course, time went by and I don't know why... I gave up. Until two weeks ago, when my heart literally skipped a beat - this glorious machine was there, waiting for me to bid on her! Of course, I was going to win her come hell or high water - and I did. For a whole $46. Plus $65 shipping! Anyway, she is here now.

And her name is Olive.

And she is perfect, she purrs, she is fast, strong and capable. Exactly what I need!

For those rev heads out there - here is what is under her hood ;). All metal and now clean as a whistle. Ive oiled her up, and will be settling down now with a cuppa and her 56 year old manual. Its hard to believe that she was made in 1954! She is just like new.

Yes, it is love

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

very nice :) I have a similar vintage Janome model.

Enjoy getting to know her!