Friday, October 8, 2010

Just you know, making stuff...

Ive got some girly nappies ready for the weekend. My camera is playing up.. so pictures to come :)

There are mainly pockets - Im doing different pocket openings too, so some have the sham opening (what you are used to with your current Beetlebums :)), and the letterbox opening. Listings will always say what style they are. I really needed to change it up a little, Ive been making these pockets for close on five years now!!

As you know, the Gossamer Dreams stocking is coming up fast! I have plans and will be working on a couple of things this weekend, including a freaky, monster carrier ;). Or two.... :P

Anyway, must sign off for today - Im going to chill out on the lounge - all the babies are asleep! Its a miracle!!

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