Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 3! Do you BohoMama?

Well, do you BohoMama??

I wrote the free tutorial for this bag a couple of years ago, and have since tweaked it somewhat. I didnt have any rings on hand when I made this one though - so I just knotted the straps together. Not *as* adjustable as the ringed version, but if I did a slipknot then yeah, I reckon it would be fine! Im going to update the BohoMama blog soon, to include the lining and the inner pockets.

And just because I can - my stunning youngest one. He is such a treasure, I get lost in his eyes!

My very own Mr T - dirty face and all. He is such a mischievous little pixie! I love his effervescent energy, and his adorable affectionate nature! My children have proven to me that our Attached ways are perfect for us.

And now for the eldest of my three, my pioneering Miss L. She is so amazing, perceptive and just ... real! I cant believe how much I love her, and you know what? She is sewing now too!

My lil P, snoozing away on my back - he looks so dreamy

Miss L and Mr P sharing the joy!

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

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