Friday, October 15, 2010

Its just a pesky little bobbin, right?

Yeah, a pesky little lonesome bobbin ... that came with Olive ...

How the heck am I supposed to sew with one bobbin? I just do not know! There is never one thread for a single project here, and Im far too 'Aries' to go winding a freaking bobbin each time I change my mind (which is OFTEN!).

So I've been on a search, trying to track down some authentic, 1954ish made bobbins, to fit my beauty. I really dont want to taint her with anything modern if I can help it. The only modern-ness I am will to put near her is the thread choose and the crafting I do!

Anyway, I have found a grand total of ZERO bobbins so far. Well, I did find one yesterday on E*ay and well, its gone now :(. Im about to search much more deeply, and am hoping that I can at least scrape up two or three (ideally ten) more... I feel this might take some time.

I havent actually started a project on Olive as yet - Im still gently unfreezing her. So that means, go slow!

Hmmmm.... slow, I don't do well at all.


willow and moo said...

Mel, I hope you can find some bobbins.

Hmmm, I understand the Aries thing being one myself. LOL

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

oh darn. I came in here in the hope you'd found a source for those style of bobbins. I lost all my accessories for my ancient sewing machine when we moved incuding all the bobbins and I need more as well. :(

Mama Mel said...

Kerrie, they are 'Class 15' bobbins. I just bought 20 off Ebay, if you search for your sewing machine model and 'bobbin' it should come up with them.

What machine do you have?