Sunday, November 6, 2011


WOW!!!! My friend S, who has just opened a fantastic new store (Finely Woven), sent me this fabric - and guess what it was in a past life?

You wont guess....

A completely rocking skirt!! Now S is quite slim - so slim that I was lucky to be able to match the prints the way I did - there was very little fabric!!!

It is a Wing Restyle - with a petite waist. Leo Red was the wrap of choice, and it matches beautifully. Look at Encantas Wings!!

Encanta rocking out with his hood out ;)

Encanta with his hood tucked all neatly away - the print lines up.. *phew*

And the name?? Encanta - my favourite album of all time is Isla de Encanta. It makes me feel red energy, creative, fire - wild. Somehow this feeling is evoked when I look at this carrier - and well, S just happens to be one of my fave gals so it is fitting that her carrier is named after my favourite album. Whether she likes the Pixies or not :P

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