Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dream Weaver

I'm not sure if you remember, but a little while ago myself and a friend (Kathy - who, incidently, is so freaking awesome!) decided to plant a seed. We decided to auction a special carrier for a very special lady (Renae) who is on her own personal journey - she is a weaver. And she needed a loom.

So Kathy and I knew what to do. And this is the result! Dream Weaver - a very special carrier, for a special lady (whom I made the carrier for) and for a very special cause. The loom is in action already, and I just cannot wait to see what Renae creates with it.

Dream Weaver has Wing Straps (made extra long for tandem wearing) with fringe on the ends <3. The headrest is appliqu├ęd and features hand driven stitching. The lil fairy is very special to the mama I made it for - she may pipe up about it when she is ready. The fiery sun is rising - or setting. In any case, it is welcoming a new energy.

Dream Weaver. Made with Earthy Rainbow (from Girasol) and Bamboo Denim.

I really hope the mama I made her for LOVES her - so much positive energy came out of this carrier and she made a beautiful dream come true.

I LOVE the industry I am in, so so so much.

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