Saturday, November 5, 2011

things are a-changin'


Just a quick update on ... me :P.

I have been very sick for a long time and am feeling now better than I ever have (YAY!). In the process of healing I have had to make some very big decisions for myself personally, and for my business, Beetlebums. Time will reveal all but just for now I can share that I have sought the help of an awesome woman to manage all correspondence (first stage) and in the coming weeks (when we sync our computers, whatever that is) she will be taking over. This means a few things - there will be no Beetlebums business done through FaceBook. I know I am guilty of using it to transact too but it really messes me around and I need things to be N-E-A-T right now :). So, unfortunately I have tightened my privacy settings again and cant answer anything Beetlebums related on FB via PM. Of course still use the page and chat - I will continue posting there too, but I want to get back to using FB for what it is good for - marketing and socialising, NOT conducting my business.

My new team members name is Beetlejuice and she rocks!! She jokes and says 'don't say my name three times' :P. She is a valued member of my team (that was once just me!), so please respect her and treat her as you would me. The best place to contact us is via the 'contact' tab on my website as my Yahoo email is being shut down, and any correspondence through that mailbox will cease soon.

There will have to be an end to 'favours' via email. I know I know I am guilty of this too but I have to be STRONG!! The time has come!!

The mailing list is broken, we will start a new one in the new year.

I will keep you all posted on the changes of course, and in the next month they will be happening.

YAY! Onward and upward!!!

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