Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As always, there is a story.. Amelie is a Restyle that I made, in company of Kathy! She witnessed the inception and delivery of her OWN Restyle! It was so nice to have company while sewing, I usually am all alone in my parlour.

This Restyle is made from Geckos Mauvein by Didymos. It was a size 5 - but we managed very well, and combined the wrap with black Bamboo Denim (I am hoarding the very little I have left - only for the special special peeps!)

LOOK!!! A gecko coming out of the Wing strap!!! What a nice surprise!

Showing how the unique Beetlebums Wing Straps function and look when open.

The hood was a labour of love - the geckos represent Yin and Yang. All completely hand driven - the gecko that I stitched out took quite some time (those lil fingers whoa did they ever drive me crazy!!!)

LOOOKKKK!!! Perfect for tandeming!!! Kathy and two of her magnificent little fairy children in Amelie <3. Lucky for me, I KNOW she loves it (she is still squealing in the background, as I type this!)

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violetspice said...

Divine as always!
And love for you and the girls Kathy :)