Friday, March 27, 2009

All going on!

Hey y'all - hows tricks? I really should have updated yesterday ... All of the Beetlebums stocked are well and truly on their way to their new homes :). Im so excited!! Im thinking about running a photo comp for some sort of prize, you know, maybe a nappy?! What do you think?

Its been a crazy week here, not as 'down' as last week even though I have been sick as a dog :(. Why is it that every time Kieran is away I GET SICK?! Or fall over with a baby on my back (dont worry, baby was fine but my ankle wasnt :(). Its weird, I just dont get it but it is too freakish to be a coincidence. Way way too freakish.

There will be a carrier stocking next - maybe next Sunday night if I can get everything made in time :). Im really excited about this stocking, Ive managed to find some really really amazing prints and am so damned inspired right now. Fingers crossed they turn out how I imagine ;).

Next week sees quite an exciting moment - Monday is the SWAP exchange between myself and that Wild Michelle girl. We have both been working on our trades for a long time and finally we are not only exchanging, we are actually meeting for the first time IRL! She moved up this way not too long ago (well probably ages but time flies), I feel bad that I havent made the effort *oopsy*. Its going to be awesome because my beautiful friend Mel will be rocking it with us too - crafty central WAHOOO :)

This weekend will see me sewing sewing sewing. No rest for the wicked :P


The Wild Child said...

I'm amped too! How exciting and Mel is going to be there too....coool!

BOB said...

Go the photo comp...should be bare bums that NEED a Beetlebum! LOL

Would be neat to see all the Beetlebums in action.

Kellie said...

I hope you are feeling better Sweetie!!

The photo comp sounds like an awesome idea!!

I can't wait for mine to arrive :)