Monday, March 30, 2009

YAY!!!! The trade!!!

Well today I met Michelle from Wild Child Nappies IRL for the first time - we had been working on our trades for awhile and finally got to seal the deal!!!

I got spoilt, this is just some of what I was given!!!! Check out the Steam Punk!!!!!

Calaveras and an AWESOME OOAK Dreamy Night Nappy

The dyejob on this beauty is amazing - Michelle reckons she isnt doing it again but I have news for her!
It was a great morning, Mel came over too and we just chatted, drank coffee and chatted some more!! It was very relaxed and makes me realise that we really should do it more often.

I just managed to get some uber cute pics of Miss Lola in her fancy pants - they really really rock!! And I got my favourite thing - fabrrrriiiiic :D. See, all is good in the world.

Ta Michelle, I love love love our fluffy!!!!!!

And finally, her carrier that I made for her - she nearly didnt get it ;).



What an awesome day!!!!


BOB said...

WOW! What amazing nappies...and that is the coolest carrier.

The Wild Child said...

It is the most coolest carrier EVER! I am soooo in love with my carrier! Frida ROCKS! and so does MEL!

joanne19792001 said...

Wow amazing nappies and that carrier is AWESOME. Can't wait for the stocking on Sunday!!

joanne19792001 said...

Wow gorgeous nappies and WOW that carrier!! Can't wait for the stocking Sunday!!

FionaJill said...

wow! Both ends of this swap are amazing! A swap to go down in history. I can see it now. Stories of the swap handed down for generations.
AND I get to say I remember that one!

Good on the both of you. Its amazing how great the cloth community can be.

Kris said...

how flipping cool! Love the fancy pants too

Kat said...

wowee, I haven't bought a cloth nappy for years but those ones just make me wish I could..fabulous what happens when 2 very creative people swap!