Saturday, March 21, 2009

Onward and Upward!

Right, enough of that.

Lets talk about TOMORROW NIGHT (Sunday 22)! Im launching my site officially and I should have about 30-40 nappies ready to go. It will start at 8pm AEST (QLD time), hope to see you there!

I will be stocking my carriers once a month with a date to be confirmed, Im already sewing up a storm and Im so inspired right now!!! There wont be any carriers ready for tomorrow night, and just for my sanitys sake I think Im going to always split the stockings.

Photos to come of the goodness :)

Speaking of goodness, I just entered a really great giveaway here - get over there and enter, its international too!!! (Actually why am I sharing, I want the bunting for my fella!!)


Mel said...

woohoo! Can't wait :)

BOB said...

Woo hoo *insert happy dance here*...

I'm gonna get me a Beetlebum... (fingers crossed)

Loving the new site Mel...well done.

PS...told you I'd stalk you

Peta said...

Yay!!! Are you going to have any smalls???? Please, Please.

joanne19792001 said...

Can't wait for the Carrier stocking! I've got to get me a Beetlebum;0)
Beetlebums Nappies are gorgeous, such lovely fabrics!

Lesley said...

Wahh, K is out of nappies :( Have fun ladies won't you :)