Sunday, March 22, 2009

The goodness

Just a couple of what is rocking over at my new store tonight!!! Ive set three nappies up as lotteries so those that dont have a great internet connection have a chance to get a Beetlebum :). I hope you love what Ive made!

Pink Martini Inside Out
Peace Out Inside Out
Lady Beetlebum Pocket
Aqua Pocket

Botanical Pop Inside Out

A pile o'pockets!


Possum Botts said...

Mel, I am loving these! I'm sure your stocking tonight will be awesome, and I'm setting my alarm clock now so I miss it. Good luck for when the shopping bonanza begins!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait lets hope I can get one of those stunning pockets
Awesome work once again Mel

The Wild Child said...

Awesome Stocking Mel! well done hon!

That's a heap of nappies, can I have them all!

Donna said...

Goegeous work Mel :) Man we both have great taste in fabrics ;)