Saturday, December 5, 2009

Semi custom carrier stocking!

(for Ms SB)

Tonight is the night - and this is what Beetlebums Carriers look like!





Now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.... I am biting the bullet - I am going to be putting up four carriers for preview today, to go live tomorrow night. Please understand that these carriers WILL NOT be ready before Christmas, and are likely to be the last (except for one at the Gossamer Dreams stocking) before I have my baby. The estimated dispatch date that will be the 8th Jan.

The actual stocking will be tonight, Sunday 6 Dec at 7.30pm QLD time

Please think carefully about what you want, the carrier type is up to you and I wont be able to offer much more than advice because I love both types for their own reasons. What I am getting at is that it is purely a personal choice between carrier types, and a decision the purchaser needs to make based on their own needs and tastes, I cannot and will not help with the decision (and once the decision has been made by the buyer, it is final). I cannot be held responsible for a change of heart.

Please wait until I confirm your order before payment - even if you recieve an email from my store. I will take the first order completed (and yes, it is first the checkout) however in the highly unlikely event of overselling I would prefer to confirm myself.

Hyena policy - you MUST be logged in as the person who is purchasing the carrier - orders will not be transferred (they will be canceled if the person who is logged in isn't the purchaser). Beetlebums payment policy applies. One carrier limit per person.

What IS customizable -

- the semi custom options available are simple. Either a half buckle or a full buckle!
- Strap length on a 1/2 buckle can be either 180cm (for petite wearers up to a size 10) or 200cm (for any wearer over a size 10, or people that like to tie tibetan)
- the actual sleep hood design is not changeable but you can choose whether you actually want one or not.
- *if* there are two strap options, that means that I have given the purchaser the choice of either. If there isn't two options, the strap colour shown is what the straps will be. The plain colour is the strap fabric.

What is NOT customizable -

- the fabric/print that is previewing is what the carrier will be. This cannot and will not be changed.
- strap fabric is canvas or denim. This cannot be changed.
- dimensions of the body are not customizable.

*I've been asked if you can wear Beetlebums Baby Carriers whilst pregnant. I *did* wear mine pretty constantly during early pregnancy, up until about 25wks. Though I have a couple of placenta issues that probably would have no bearing on whether I can babywear or not, I just feel more comfortable not doing so right now IYKWIM. Anyway, you can do it if you are comfortable to - just wear the waistband below your bump!*

I will explain as best as I can here the difference between the 1/2 buckle carriers and the full buckles, simply because I cannot answer all emails promptly enough. Please, refer people to this post as opposed to emailing inquiries. If you have a question that is not answered here please just comment on the blog post, this will save me alot of time and double handling (just having to answer the question once). Please understand that I don't have time to field masses of emails - I will answer questions via this post only, and am happy to help the purchasers with their order but prior to that I will not answer emails regarding this stocking.

All Beetlebums bodies on the carriers are the same, they are contoured for comfort with a structured buckle waist for support. The buckle on the waistband is dual adjustable and the ends of the webbing have elastic loops for you to wind the excess waist webbing with, ensuring there is no webbing dangling once your have your carrier on. I have a thing about things looking.. neat!

The difference between a 1/2 buckle and a full buckle is the shoulder straps. A 1/2 buckle has wider, slightly less padded (but equally as supportive) long straps that you tie, like a Mei Tai. Typically, 1/2 buckle carriers 'fit' more people, due to the customizable fit of the shoulder straps. A tall man and a petite lady (or vice versa) can share the carrier more easily. The possible downsides are that you might not like tying straps, the straps are long - meaning that they are likely to 'drag' on the ground while you are tying your baby in (making the ends dirty.. though there are ways to eliminate this with practise, some folk tuck the ends of the straps in their pockets, or between their knees!). 1/2 buckles aren't typically such a 'quick' on-off carrier, like the full buckle version.

The full buckle has buckles on the body and shoulder straps, that attach to give a snug and supportive fit. The straps are slightly narrower and a little more padded than the 1/2 buckle, and have webbing running down the straps entire length.

You might like to consider these points when deciding what you would prefer -

- more than one wearer of differing builds? 1/2 buckle
- particularly petite (under Australian size 10, and short) wearer? 1/2 buckle, 180cm straps
- narrow, sloping shoulders? 1/2 buckle
- love tying straps? 1/2 buckle

- need a quick on-off carrier? full buckle
- have a wriggly baby? full buckle (or learn how to tie FAST!)
- not such a confident baby wearer? full buckle
- got a big kid? full buckle

Please understand also that Beetlebums carriers have not been designed with newborns/infants in mind - they are designed for the post-infant stage, where it is hard for a family to find a good, fashionable and comfortable carrier. Although some folks love using their Beetlebums with their babies 'froggied', the bodies are larger than other infant sized carriers and can swamp little babies. They really suit babies from about 4/5 months upward (with good head control).

You can wear Beetlebums carriers on your front, back or side.

Ok, that should be it for now! Off to play with my fabric stash!!!!


Sarah said...

you go dirl WOOT!

berniebabe said...

Oooohhh Yay. I cant wait to see what you will be putting up :D Wonder if my fingers will be fast enough

curiouser said...

mel, hon,

what time (qld) are you planning to stock?

thank you

Mama Mel said...

Oh sorry about that!!! I should have put the time in shouldn't I?! I would say about 7.30pm. Yep thats good to me :). I will amend the post now!

Mouse Tales said...

how exciting. Love the prints. Can I please confirm re: Hyena rules, if someone has offered to Hyena for me as long as they are logged in as me this is ok?

Mama Mel said...

Yes that is ok, so long as your hyena is logged in as you that is fine :).

Good luck!

Mama Mel said...

Oh and there are still two more prints to come - Im just deliberating right now!!!

berniebabe said...

OMG I am so inlove with those prints Mel. I might just have to have a go ;-)