Monday, December 21, 2009

Beetlebums closing for now...

But not for long! As you all know, we are awaiting the arrival of our third baby and with Christmas just around the corner, Im officially shutting the doors for awhile.

IF I have time to make anything at all, and happen to list it, I will do a quick blog post about it beforehand. Please please please dont ask when or if Im going to stock, I am answering this question alot and although Im thrilled Im starting to feel... just a little frazzled I guess.

I wont be answering emails unless you are one of those awaiting orders, for two weeks. So I will be back officially on the 4th Jan, provided I dont have this baby beforehand!

I would love to thank every single Beetle family and those who have supported me though your words, custom and energy this year - its been a smashing year for me and its only going to get better!

Merry Christmas to y'all!!!


berniebabe said...

Merry christmas Mel. Have a safe and happy break :D

Danielle Bush said...

Have a Merry Xmas. I hope bub stays put for a while longer!

Tracy said...

Merry Xmas Mel :D Have a fun and festive time. Best wishes for a beautiful new baby.

Mama Mel said...


Mwah Bernie - you have a rockin' time too girly!

Oh Danielle, my partner keeps saying that I get the 30wks and Im determined that Im ready for the baby! Im sure its just not true :P.

Tracy, you have a beautiful Christmas too - hugs and hugs and hugs my lovely friend, and likewise all the way xxx

NatX said...

Have a great and restful break Mel, you deserve it, have a wonderful christmas and hope to see you in the New Year xxxx

good luck for the new baby beetlebum ;-)))