Monday, December 7, 2009

A very special OOAK!

Phew, second 'favor' down - two more to go!

I can share this - I am meeting with the special mama today and I *dont* think she will stumble across this in the hour we have before meeting up!!!

Yes, its Kai in different colours - with Colourgrown Waves (an awesome Didymos baby wrap) wrap scrap side panels on denim straps.

I feel like there is *just* enough contrast between the fabrics - the Waves on the side panels continue the earthy/oceanic feeling of the koi scale background of the feature print.

Looks even better in real life!


curiouser said...

beautiful mel.

NatX said...

MEL xxxxxxxxx

I LOVE LOVE him thank you so so so much hugs lovely lady
and huge

thank you thank you thank you
you know i luvs ya babe x x


Possum Botts said...

Wow, that is so beautiful. The waves are perfect with the fish. I was a bit worried at first that you'd slashed your new CGW, glad to hear it was a scrap LOL Then again, if you did slash it, I can't wait to see what you'll do with the rest!

Mama Mel said...

Oh NONONONONONONO I wouldn't chop my marshmallow goodness!! The vivacious Ruby kindly shared her marshmallows with me!!

For those that do not understand - Colourgrown Waves is known affectionately as the 'marshmallow wrap'