Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Nest - Introducing Olivia

Well it is Gossamer Dreams time again!

Olivia was going to be my personal carrier, and she has some features that I've not used on other carriers before (or.. yet!).

Without further ado!

Introducing... Olivia

I decided that she would be auctioned, it was a difficult decision but one that had to happen to make it fair for all the mamas.

I hope you love her - she is going to be desperately difficult to say goodbye to! Im sure that her new home will be loving and just perfect for her.

And I have to share this piece of awesomeness. My friends husband, being the uber handyman that he is, whipped this glorious piece of rockdom for my snap press!!! Now I have a foot press!!! Am I not the luckiest mama in the world?!

Thankyou so much Kobi and Sid!!!


Sarah said...

WOW to both Mel! The carrier is stunning! and the foot snap press is brilliant, No more popeye arm ;) Now you can work on a popeye leg lol.

Possum Botts said...

Wow Mel, that carrier is just divine! I thought I'd just about satisfied my beetlebum lust, but that one definitely makes me sit up and take notice. Good luck with the auction, though you'll hardly need it. Should we make bets on how high the price is going to go? LOL

chris said...

oh my goodness Mel - STUNNING !!!! The time it must have taken you for the topstitching on the side panels alone - they are so incredibly creative and - oh just superb! I think i have actually fallen in love with something that's not human - is that possible! I can't stop looking at her!!
I really don't know how you've managed to give her up - the post office will probably have to pry it from your arms when it's time to say goodbye!

Lesley said...

Just beautiful Mel, she is just gorgeous!!

As for the foot press, what an awesome piece of work and it will make it so much easier for you.

Anonymous said...

thank you Mel for your very special carrier. I am very excited!!!

also, love the foot press

NatX said...

stunning Mel
what a lot of work has gone into that carrier, beautiful.........
hope the foot press works well for you xxxx